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We have a chain link fence that is 40 years old and is rusted. What is the easiest way to paint the fence?

The best way to paint an old chain link fence is with a thick napped roller. Make sure you wire brush all the loose rust from the rusted surfaces. You will have to roll both sides of the fence. Use an aluminum colored paint to restore the original look or choose a different color. Use a brush on the posts and rails.

Forget any notion of spray painting. It is wasteful and you are likely to paint the entire neighborhood on a windy day, much to the dismay of your neighbors.

Consider replacing the chain link fabric and painting only the posts and rails. It is fairly economical to do that compared to all the work involved in painting. Once you start to paint, you will have to do it every fews years.

Use paint designed to paint over rusty surfaces like Rust-O-Leum or equivalent. Follow the directions on the can. It is not likely you would have to prime. I never did. The paint will stick over the galvanized surfaces just fine from the aging that has occurred. You can not paint over freshly galvanized surfaces without "cutting" the surface with a chemical preparation designed for that purpose. I have used common household vinegar. The acid in the vinegar is just enough to etch the galvanizing so the paint will stick. Wipe it on, leave it and wash it off before painting.

Author: Frank R. Hoover, Hoover Fence Co.
25 years+ in the fence business

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